About Us...

McGregor Settlements is a Perth-based organisation, providing services in conveyancing/property settlements. McGregor Settlements was pleased to be an early adopter of the digital settlement system, PEXA.

The Settlement Agent assists by managing the final stage of the sale or purchase of a property - the orderly transfer of the legal title from the vendor (seller) to the purchaser.

McGregor Settlements is independent of any interests or influence from real estate agents, banks/financial institutions, or other parties.

The Settlement Agent is there to represent YOUR best interests.

But what are his/her functions, specifically?

These include:

  • searching land titles
  • arranging for the discharge of encumbrances
  • making enquiries with the relevant state government departments and local council about rates and water consumption to ensure payment for the current year is shared between the purchaser and vendor
  • making enquiries with other state government departments: these might include the Department of Main Roads, Department of Mines, the Environmental Protection Authority, Town Planning Commission
  • notifying all relevant authorities of the change in ownership
  • arranging payment of stamp duty and other fees
  • preparing (or perusing) the legal documents for settlement, with due regard to any special conditions
  • attending settlement on behalf of the client, where the exchange of documents and monies takes place.


About Jenny McGregor...

Jenny McGregor is the principal of McGregor Settlements.

Jenny has over 100 years experience in conveyancing/property settlements in Western Australia and her days in the Northern Territory (but we won't mention those).

Outside work Jenny is a family person, with thousands of nieces and nephews (some of them even related to her by blood).
She is a passionate follower of Rugby and AFL, and has an extensive musical collection.

In her spare time she pursues hobbies including wandering the great golf courses of Ireland (pre-COVID), strangling cats and reading.

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